Euro Film Festival 2021 Master Class


Masterclass Date: 6 - 10 September 2021

The masterclass titled UNDERSTANDING YOUR FRAME is a week long programme aimed at showcasing the importance of the art department especially props and sets on film production.

This class will be hosted by Ugandan production designer Ak Simba who is currently based in Belgium, in coordination with Joe Njagu and Trey Ncube, both renowned producers and directors in Harare and Bulawayo respectively. With a guest speaker, Roberta Wagner, a creative entrepreneur and cultural direc-tor, who will conduct in depth sessions about HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR PASSION INTO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

The main goal for this class is to inspire aspiring filmmakers who are keen on sharpening their craft. Understanding the frame is a very unique concept of storytelling using symbolism. The class will help you understand in depth how the art department especially props has a great influence on how we Africans tell our stories.

The class is tailored for filmmakers with minimum experience in film produc-tion. Due to the continued strained of COVID -19 global pandemic, the Master-class will be hosted with limited physical space, with the facilitators presenta-tions being done online. The location for attendance will be communicated by the European Film Festival Zimbabwe ground coordinator.

With respect to the World Health Organisation Standard Operating Procedure, there is limited space available.

Please email your CV and Motivation letter by the 21 of August 2021 to :

European Film Festival Zimbabwe

2021 Master Class

team people

Joe Njagu


Joe is a Zimbabwean born award winning Filmaker with a carrer spanning over 14years as a Director, Writer & Producer.

team people

Trevor Ncube


Trevor is an awards winning film and TV Producer, Showrunner hailing from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

team people

AK Simba

Production Designer

AK is a dynamic UGANDAN Filmmaker based in Belgium ab=nd founder of Tadoba Pictures