Input Conference 2021


HARARE – Curated by Violet Senderai

Derby Bheta (Script Writer & Novelist) - Producing a successful Web Series

Kay Terera (Art & Design Educator, Graphic Artist) – Storytelling through Creative Design & Motion Graphics)

Brendon Sole (Entrepreneur, Producer & Engineer) – Increasing the production value of local film productions

Kalai Faye Barlow (Producer, Director & Writer) – Telling visual stories through music videos

Richard Watson (Director of Photography) – Framing the world through the camera lens

Joseph Bunga (Entrepreneur & Producer) – The art (and business) of product placement in TV and Film

BULAWAYO – Curated by Alex Gwaze

Nkosi Kwanele Ncube (Scriptwriter & Director) – The character’s journey in film

Alex Gwaze (Educator & Creative Consultant) – Film is a collaboration

Priscilla Sithole-Ncube (Director & Educator) – Documentary films and our realities

Sam Malete (Actor & Acting Coach) – Acting with others

Johane Mpofu (Producer & Director) – Film-making and the community

Ntombikamama Moyo (Writer & Producer) – Finding a film-mable story