BIOSKOP SHORT FILM COMPETITION Submissions will be open from 21 May 2024 until Saturday 20 July 2024 1159PM CAT.

BIOSKOP! Short Film Competition Zimbabwe

Presented by: The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2024

Theme: Staying Connected

European Film Festival in Zimbabwe

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2024 is calling on all filmmakers from across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora (Europe/Africa) for the Fifth edition of the Bioskop Zimbabwe Short Film Competition!

BIOSKOP! Short Film Competition Zimbabwe is an annual event that celebrates the creativity of Zimbabwean filmmakers. The festival showcases short films that explore the unique worldview and experiences of Zimbabweans.

The competition has been a launchpad for many talented filmmakers who have gone on to make a name for themselves in the industry. It allows them to present their vision to a wider audience and make connections with industry professionals. The winning film is awarded a cash prize and is screened at the European Film Festival Zimbabwe.

This year’s Bioskop! Short Film Competition Zimbabwe is calling for short films that explore the fascinating world of gender and staying connected. Filmmakers are challenged to submit stories that break stereotypes and reveal the beauty of diversity while celebrating the power of connection. Whether it is connection between friends, family, or strangers, show us how people come together to support each other and make a difference.

In this exploration, filmmakers are tasked with illuminating the screen with stories that resonate with the human spirit—tales of resilience, solidarity, and the transformative power of human connection. Through the lens of gender, they navigate the complexities of identity and representation, crafting a narrative tapestry that reflects the diverse mosaic of humanity. In the convergence of gender and connectivity lies the promise of transformation—a promise that through the alchemy of storytelling, we may transcend divisions and forge a future illuminated by understanding and empathy.

This competition is open to all genres of film (animation, documentary, live action). Films will be judged based on content and creativity, as well as technical aspects. Also taking into consideration that some of you might be working with limited resources. Be innovative, work with what you can and tell us your story.


To be eligible for this competition you must be of Zimbabwean heritage, based, living or working in Zimbabwe or in any European or African country. Participating filmmakers who have family members organizing or judging the competition must advise the Festival Coordinators of their relationship with the of participating jury/judges to avoid conflict of interest. Jury/Judges related to any filmmaker will not be allowed to adjudicate in the category of the said filmmaker. This will ensure that the adjudication process remains transparent and fair. Violation of this Advisory will constitute disqualification of your film from the competition.

1. An independent jury panel made up of industry professionals, academics, community and business leaders judge all films in the official competition.
2. The categories/awards are as follows, with the selected winners receiving a cash prize:

  • ● Best Narrative Short - Winner USD 400
  • ● Best Documentary Short - Winner USD 400
  • ● Best Sound Editing - Winner USD 200
  • ● Best Cinematography - Winner USD 200
  • ● Best Diaspora Film - Winner USD 200
  • ● Best Actor/Actress – Winner USD 200

Click on the Film Freeway BIOSKOP! Zimbabwe Short Film competition link below, click the submit button and fill in the required information. Submissions will be open from 21 May 2024 until Saturday 20 July 2024 1159PM CAT.


For More information contact?
The Festival Team at
Mercy Mangwana- 0776967058