Bioskop Short Film Competition
Theme: Crossing Borders

BIOSKOP! Short Film Competition Zimbabwe is an annual event that celebrates the creativity of Zimbabwean filmmakers.

With the advent of the internet and different ways of connecting with people in different places across the globe, the world has become a global village. This is also an opportunity for individuals to discover new things, careers, promote intercultural dialogue and discover new approaches. How are we using these means to our advantage and connecting with each other? Can crossing borders also affect our lives negatively, disturb our stability, and result in a shift on how we do things? Crossing borders may also mean starting a new life and losing one's identity during the process. We also have borders within ourselves, culturally, racially, religiously, or any other relatable borders. There are so many aspects that encompass the theme; therefore, we are curious to find out the filmmakers' interpretation of the theme - Crossing Borders.

This competition was open to all genres of film and the winning categories are Best Narrative, Cinematography, Sound, Diaspora and Documentary

Best Cinematography

Mann Friday (Fight for me)

Duration: 03:43 mins
Language: English
Director: Kalai Faye Barlow

Synopsis : Official Video for Mann Friday Fight for me.

Countries : Zimbabwe

Best Narrative Short

My name is my name

Duration: 5:29 mins
Language: Shona
Directors: Xolani Mkwananzi & Clinton Zvoushe)

Synopsis : An animated Shona Folklore about fertility

Countries : Zimbabwe

Best Documentary Short

Create Zimbabwe: Art across cities.

Duration: 5:00 mins
Language: English
Director: Takunda aaron Chimutashu

Countries : Zimbabwe

Best Sound Editing

Daughter of the Soil

Duration: 21:21 mins
Language: English
Director: Derrick Manieca

Countries : Zimbabwe

Best Diaspora Film

Enigma Gems

Duration: 05:00 mins
Language: English
Director: Admire Zimbeva, Bonginkosi Khumalo

Synopsis : A man on a mission discovers a deeper hidden truth

Countries : Zimbabwe

Full Film: Youtube